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Apolonia - Jamie McGuire Releases Oct 1, 2014!!

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About the Book
An introverted sophomore in college with a terrifying past, Rory notices Cyrus, a student of Egyptian descent, who is as brilliant as he is mysterious. Rory finds herself torn between an attraction to him and unfriendly competition as they are both working for the same professor—and contend for the only position as his research assistant.

But as she leaves the lab early one night, Rory sees a group of men in black with guns storming the building. She runs back in to warn Cy, but she is too late, instead witnessing the intruders capture him and the rare mineral they had been researching together. To rescue the man she’s fallen for and prevent this powerful, precious stone from falling into the wrong hands, Rory is forced to work with the one woman who can help her—and the last person she wants to face—Cy’s fiancée, Apolonia.

A new novel by [a:Jamie McGuire|4464118|Jamie McGuire|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1374931313p2/4464118.jpg] that is described as a "breathtaking new tale of love and survival."

Jamie says, "APOLONIA is romance/relationships all the way through, and contains the steamiest sex scene I've ever written."

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