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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton 4.5 StarsAlice freaking Clayton, you had me at the first, "Oh God. Thump. Caroline Reynolds is an interior designer who has just moved into a new apartment in San Fran. In the past, a bad night of horizontal polka caused her to lose her "O." Her loud neighbor has a different companion every night, whose frequent "Oh Gods" and wall thumping remind her of what she lost--her O. After weeks of hearing but not seeing her neighbor, she confronts him once and for all in the middle of his...activities. She was all fired up and he was well....yeah. This marks the beginning of their friendship. Hilarity ensues.I had high expectations going into reading Wallbanger because I was a huge fan of her Redhead series. I loved the story and characters so much. I am happy to say that Wallbanger did not disappoint. The chemistry between Simon and Caroline was AMAZING. I loved seeing Caroline's initial distate for Simon turn into something more. Mr. Simon "Wallbanger" Parker was persistant and wooed her (Boy, did he woo her)."The many facets of this guy were astounding. My earliest assumptions about him were proving to be completely wrong. As assumptions tend to be..."Did he want to nook me?Did I want to nook him?Oh the hell with it...'I'm coming into the nook...'"Reading through Caroline's sexual frustration had me laughing out loud. Most of all, I loved Simon. Man, was this guy swoon-worthy and romantic. "Ten minutes later I felt his hand reach out across the pillows, and grasp my hand. I only needed one hand for sketching after all. SIGH!People, you need to read this. And then when you're done, read the Redhead series. Trust me.OH! AND I cannot forget Caroline's cat, Clive. I am NOT a cat person, but this fictional cat will always have a place in my heart. Read it. You'll see.