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Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker 4.5 Stars"Just breathe," my mom would say. "Ten tiny breaths...Seize them. Feel them. Love them"I didn't understand it then. I do now.HappinessLongingLoveHopeFearForgivenessThis story had it all.After a tragic car crash four years ago, Kacey was the only person in her parent's car that walked away. Her boyfriend, best friend, mother and father were killed. She heard her mother's last breath and held her dead boyfriend's hand. The cause? A horrible mistake made by the three college students in the other car after a night of partying. Before-Kacey died that night, too.After-Kacey lived to hate Cole Reynolds, the who walked away in the other car. She built up stone walls surrounded by barbed wire to keep people out, including her little sister, Livie. Refusing to deal with the pain, she self-medicated, had a slew of one-night stands, and obsessively worked out. She became someone else.I'm not Livie. I might have been more like her before. But not now. Where I'm a looming thundercloud, she's the sunshine breaking through.Hoping for a new start, Kacey and Livie move to Miami. The walls she built for herself all came crashing down when she met Trent, her smoking hot next-door neighbor. "I'm left staring at a set of deep dimples and bluest eyes I've ever seen-cobalt rings with light blue on the inside. I squint. Do they have turqoise flecks inside them? Yes! My God! The blue floors, the rusty old machines under the weight of his gaze as it strips me of my protective bitch coat, yanking it clean off my body, leaving me bare and vulnerable in second."Did I mention how HOT Trent was?"This guy is a contradiction. One second sweet, the next brazen."Trent helps Kacey live again. He makes her smile. He makes her laugh. But most importantly, he helps her breath again.I loved this book! There were a few nit picky things that bothered me. I had it figured out very early on that Trent was the person in the other car that survived. I thought that was a little predictable, given the hints thrown out by the author. I found it slightly creepy that Trent/Cole basically stalked her after the accident. He even hacked into her computer to find out where she lived. I was a little creeped out. Their relationship also felt a little rushed, lacking any foundation.In the end, my minor complaints don't matter. I loved the message of this story...forgiveness. Overall, I LOVED this book. In many ways Kacey reminded me of Nastya from "The Sea of Tranquility." Nastya is still my number one badass workout addict of all time, though."If they're not tiny breaths and they're not deep breaths, then they're just...breaths. Then you're just breathing for the sake of...breathing."