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Binds - Rebecca  Espinoza See more reviews like this at Reading Books Like a BossBuy on Amazon: http://amzn.to/10yzoF6My Rating: Stop what you're doing right now and GO READ THIS BOOK! This book is certified grade A unputdownable. I was shocked at how quickly it sucked me in. I cannot say enough good things about it. What's more is that this is Rebecca Espinoza's freaking debut novel. What?!? Mind blown. She is immensely talented. Not only is the storyline brilliant, the writing and character development is spectacular. If you're new to urban fantasy, start with Binds. Ophelia Brand is married to Donovan Brand, the son of a crazy dictator who is trying to rid the world of all the Mages (those with magical abilities). I'm just going to come out and say it. Donovan is a mother flipping genuine douchecanoe (MFGD). Page one of chapter one, I had had enough of of Donovan. Next. Donovan beats Ophelia Tony Rawlings style because he's a MFGD. Anyway, Ophelia's every move is monitored by the "staff" and she has absolutely no freedom. Despite being in this terrible and controlling marriage for years, Ophelia is surprisingly strong and resilient. Her determination to move forward and make a better life for herself is admirable. Basically, Phee kicks ass. She is also extremely hilarious and makes "larper" jokes. So naturally, she is now one of my favorite heroines."Why is everyone so hot?" I don't even know how those words have slipped out of my mouth but I've said them, and directly to the hottest of them all, Mystery Guy. (I'm assume he must be Spencer).Thankfully, we don't have to deal with Donovan for very long because Reece comes to her rescue (hello, white knight) and takes Ophelia away to Spencer's secret lair. Reece is part of an underground resistance movement that is opposed to current regime's rules and regulations regarding Mages. So why bother kidnapping Ophelia? Well, because she's got the magic touch. Partly due to her mother putting a Bind on her magic and partly due to her sheltered adulthood, Ophelia had no idea of the magic and power that lives inside of herAt the head of this resistance movement is Spencer. He is a dark and mysterious man who is willing to do anything for the good of his people. Since the New World Order took over, Mages have been forced from their homes and into reformatories. When we first see Spencer, he's cold and distant, yet I was drawn to him. As the story went on, I loved him more and more. Maybe that's because Spencer calls her Princess, and that makes me melt. But then, Reece is so sweet and helpful. He cares for her so deeply without question. Which one do I want Phee to be with?"Finally having one other person in this world who cares feels like being tossed a scrap of food when you haven't eaten in weeks and then having hope that you may just survive the famine after all."Rebecca Espinoza has crafted this creative, stunning, and captivating world of magical beings. I am absolutely blow away by how great this book was. The story flowed effortlessly and there was not one moment where I felt the plot lulled or dragged on. And the plot twists? Wow! I did NOT see the end coming at all. Granted, I suck at predicting things, but still the revelations in the last 15% knocked me on my booty!Be sure to enter the giveaway on the blog!________________Full Review to ComeOh my flipping Lord! Buy this book! Buy it and read it and cherish it and read it again and love it and....AHHH!!!