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Bloodlines the Indigo Spell (Bloodlines (Mead - Hardcover))

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead I LOVED the Vampire Academy series and cannot wait for this book (especially after the ending of The Golden Lily...UGH Sage). I need more Adrian NOW!!Richelle posted Chapter 1 & 2!! Chapter 1 of "The Indigo Spell" Chapter 2 of "The Indigo Spell" Teaser!!!"I'm done with the pouting," he said. "Done with being moody-well, I mean, I"m always a little moody. That's what Adrian Ivashkov's all about. But I'm done with the excessive stuff. That didn't get me anywhere with Rose. It won't get me anywhere with you.""Nothing will get you anywhere with me," I exclaimed."I don't know about that." He put on an introspective look that was both unexpected and intriguing. "You're not as much of a lost cause as she was. I mean, with her, I had to overcome her deep, epic love with a Russian warlord. You and I just have to overcome hundreds of years' worth of deeply ingrained prejudice and taboo between our two races. Easy."